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“…Zer0 is undeniably heartfelt and respectful in its reimagination of classic sounds…”


SOUNDING LIKE a long lost relic from the much-maligned ’80s AOR scene, Welsh quartet V0id aren’t going to win prizes for being cutting edge. But in their own minds at least, they’re already playing to a worldwide audience of sold-out stadiums, who sing along to every word with lighters aloft. It’s an endearing approach, big on driving power chords, piano balladry, impassioned vocals and sweeping, synthesized strings. It might not be cool, it might not even be considered clever, but Zer0 is undeniably heartfelt and respectful in its reimagination of classic sounds and carried of with due class and aplomb. Recommended for those who love larger than life rock.


David McLaughlin



“…V0iD have an unpretentious approach to melodic hard rock…”

Young Brits V0iD have an unpretentious approach to melodic hard rock. On Zer0 (Raven Black) the style is modern – you can see them onstage with Bullet For My Valentine or 69 Eyes – but their real coup is in writing the sort of songs that Def Leppard wouldn’t have thought too shabby in 1983. It’s almost Therapy? at the Cheap Trick crossroads selling their soul to Muse and Jeff Lynne.

California’s Burning could be a career-changer for them, while Today is a slow, smouldering future classic.

Malcolm Dome


“…impressive, irrepressible second album from V0iD…”

Review by Malcolm Dome of

Zer0 is an impressive, irrepressible second album from V0iD – It will appeal to old school AOR fans and also those enamoured of Bullet for my Valentine – Best songs here are the anthemic title song (And Single ZER0), the rousing yet mid paced ‘California’s Burning’ and power ballad ‘Wide Awake’ – But the album flows so well, it’s hard to find anything that dips below an acceptable standard – Now they are capable of taking advantage of the revival of the melodic rock genre.

Malcolm Dome


Guitar Techniques Magazine

“…If rock power ballads are your preferred listening… this is… the album for you”

If rock power ballads are your preferred listening then this is definitely the album for you. V0iD formed in 2001 in Llanelli and have gradually been working the circuit with their own brand of self-penned heavy rock. Zer0 is their latest single and also the name of this follow-up to Ballads For Beauties and Beasts, their highly acclaimed debut album.

The trio consists of Wayne Doyle on vocals and guitar, gareth Craft on bass and drummer Gary Doyle. Wayne also writes all of the songs and there are plenty of good moments here, opening with All ‘Cause Of You and culminating in the anthemic Badge Of Honour. They have been described as a ‘rockier version of Coldplay’ but Wayne admits to listening to AC/DC for inspiration and we noticed a touch of Bon Jovi in the mix as well. Yet the band definitely has its own credentials and seems determind to show what it can do during a nationwide tour in the summer. Check ’em out!

4/5 Stars

4 out of 5 is a Guitar Techniques rating of Excellent


Rocksound Magazine

“…classic rock riffs they seem to shrug out quite effortlessly throughout…”

There are few things more narcissistic than opening your new album with a sample of Total Rock DJ Malcolm Dome telling the world how good your band is, but then rock ‘n’ roll has always been a fairly delicate balance of talent and ego. It may only be their second album but V0id are clearly adopting the confident swagger that should accompany the old school, classic rock riffs they seem to shrug out quite effortlessly throughout the course of ‘Zer0’. There’s even a power ballad, ‘Wide Awake’, and, godammit, if things just don’t get more Guns N’ Roses than that…

FOR FANS OF: AC/DC, Thunder, Airbourne


Giles Moorhouse


“…Pick Zer0 up now. It will not disappoint…”

V0iD’s Zer0. This album caught me completely by surprise. Do not confuse this band with the early 1980’s punk band Void. If you do, you may be disappointed, even though I love that band too. This is V0id spelled with a ‘zero’. They come from Wales and Zer0 is their second album that just came out in June of this year. V0id is a mixture of hard rock a la Bon Jovi and Buck Cherry, mixed with the dark pop of Sugar, the fragility of Roky Erikson and the harmonies of The Beatles. Believe it or not, I love this band, and I have grown strangely addicted to them.

First of all, I’m not a huge fan of Buck Cherry or Bon Jovi. But there is something about the way that this band brings out the glory of early Bon Jovi and the modern sleaze driven hard rock of Buck Cherry combined with other influences that really gets me going. You can tell from the riffs and vocals that these guys are playing hard core, libido driven rock and roll. But wait, there is something deeper. What about all of those depressive, deep, dark, dissonant guitar chords? And those beautiful, dark, Beatles harmonies in the background? What about the driving, rich, dark power pop/punk guitar riffs combined with lyrics and melodies that would make Bob Mould of Sugar proud?

V0id’s Zer0 is a walking paradox. Is it mindless radio rock or searing dark pop? Lets take a closer look. The first song ‘All Cause of You’ is completely addictive, full of hooks and riffs that make you want to drive too fast. The second track ‘Plastic Survivor’ reminds me the most of Sugar. Very dark pop, with an ominous bass line. The dark pop/hard rock fusion continues throughout. ‘She Loves Me Not’ refuses to get out of my head. The Beatles influence creeps in on ‘Time will Tell’ and ‘Wide Awake.’ ‘Zer0’ is an amazing, instantly radio ready track. The vocals and harmonies make me think of Bon Jovi in their glory days. ‘Today’ reminds me of Roky Erikson at his most lost while ‘Blow Your Mind’ is another instantly classic hard rocker.

The charm of this album is how V0id combines their conventional hard rock sound with such deep, dark, sounding pop. The slower songs such as ‘Wide Awake’ really bring these qualities out. Zer0 is nearly perfect and every song has been rolling around in my head for days. They have such a smooth, rich, shiny, retro vibe that ties everything together. It’s a very glossy, deep sound that bleeds in perfectly with the straight ahead rock riffs.

I never thought I would have liked this album but I became addicted. I looked at V0id as a guilty pleasure at first. But you know what? I don’t care now. I really like this band, and I don’t care what anyone else may think. Just give them a listen. They should be on the radio all over the place. V0id are one of those rare bands that are made to be listened to while driving fast with the windows down… or in the privacy of your own room when you’re feeling down. Pick Zer0 up now. It will not disappoint.


Stephen Smith

Review on

“…every track on this album is a killer…”

One of the perks of this radio DJ lark is that people send you music out of the blue; sometimes its crap, a lot of the time its quite good and sometimes you get sent something very special indeed. This album is a case in point. ‘Zer0’ is the second full length release from Swansea rockers V0iD, and it does indeed fall into the very special category. Now I’ll be honest, I am a child of the early 80’s, and I can be very fussy when it comes to mainstream rock albums, if it doesn’t measure up to say Bostons ‘Third Stage’ I can be very condemnatory, however from the very first pick through of this album I had all preconceptions that good old fashioned hard rock is dead thrown out of a very high window. What we have here is twelve tracks of 100% good ole hard rockin’ excellence.

It’s not hard to see why I love this album so much. For a start the spirits of some the worlds greatest rockers are haunting this music. there are hints of the Rolling Stones, whispers of old school Bon Jovi (you know around the time of the first album before they bit the MTV bullet and went crap), a whiff of Cheap Trick; a pinch REM, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen… you get the picture. Then there’s Wayne Doyle’s fine song writing. I have become more than a little jaded of bands who have the music but nothing to say. Yet here is a band who seam to have a message and an insight in every number.

Take the track ‘Time Will Tell’ for example, a fine fine and uplifting track with a great hooked chorus that gives deep insight into the modern human condition and tells you in no uncertain terms that things are not as bad as they seams so go live your life to the fullest.

I’m not going to give a track by track breakdown, but take it from me every song on this album is a complete killer. Hell I mean it’s been a long time since I got worked up over a power ballad, but on this album we have ‘We’re Going Down’, a power ballad that has even this jaded old rocker looking to wave his lighter around without a hint of irony. However good songwriting does not a classic album make on its own, and Zer0 is no exception. What raises this album into the all time classic league is the quality of the musicianship from the rest of the band and some first rate and sensitive production by producer Tim Hamill (Girlschool / George Michael / etc); add that to Mr Doyles lyrical musings and spine tingling vocal performance and you have a release that will stand the test of time.

Highlights? well every track on this album is a killer, but my favourates have to be the air puncher ‘California’s Burning’, the shiver inducing title track and the epic closer ‘Badge Of Honour’ – a track that Mr’s Bon Jovi and Sambora would sell their own grandmothers to have penned. In short? I love this album, you will love this album and if there is any justice in this bad old world this will be the release that will launch V0iD into the premier league of UK rockers.

Jon Wisbey

Review on BCfm’s Facebook


“…Accomplished Second Album from Welsh Retro-Rock Quartet…”

V0iD are a South Wales rock band, which has been about creating havoc about their sound for a while now. Tim Hamill, who has also produced Lemmy, Girlschool & Ronnie James Dio has produced the bands new album Zer0. EF had a go at their new album Zer0.

After a short intro that sings their praises, V0iD kick off the album with All Cause Of You… a track that instantly makes Wayne Doyle (lead singer) stand out. His voice is rather eighties but it’s refreshing and the track is good but sadly doesn’t really live up to its potential. It’s all to generic for us.
Plastic Survivor (Obama) is a little more tame then the opening track but displays some serious guitar riffs and a melodic chorus that is quite infectious.

We are surprised as to how versatile V0iD are. First we were hit by that AC/DC rock sound and before you know it they hit you the album’s atmosphere changes completely with tracks like She Loves Me Not and Time Will Tell, which sound a lot like power ballads, think Bon Jovi or even Nickleback. The band seems to have a soft side and we love it.

We are back to serious business with Zer0, which kicks off strong with a great guitar hook and builds to a great chorus. This is quite special and it’s easy to understand why the band chose to release this track as a single. If you are a fan of good old anthemic rock this is the track you need to look out for. There’s even a great guitar solo for you to practice your air guitar skills!

Highlights on the album include She Loves Me Not which is simply a great track. From the moment you here the first few riffs that clearly are about to explode in your ears V0iD have your attention and before you know it the bridge takes you through a journey of great guitar hooks and an anthemic chorus. Wide Awake is also quite catchy in its rock ballad way and V0iD even added some strings to give it just that little extra umpf that really gets you hypnotised. Reflections starts on the piano and for a moment you think we are back in power ballad mode but then the guitars set in and the mood of the song changes completely. V0iD know how to build to the chorus and really have a great way of creating a great atmosphere around their songs.

There’s plenty more on the album to look forward to. Tracks like We’re Going Down are melodic and maloncolic a combination that is often hard to get right. For the AC/DC fans there’s more of those big guitar riffs on Blow Your Mind.

The album ends with Badge Of Honour.

V0iD have done it again and released a great record. Zer0is packed with plenty of variety and shows the bands softer side but still with a lot of epic guitars. This is an album for people who like good old anthemy rock.

Sarah Bargiela

Review on entertainmentfocus

Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

“classy hard rock… choruses that stick like gum…”

Hailing from the UK, V0iD are back with their second full length release, and they present a fine mix of melodic rock on the vein of Kick, early Von Groove, latter day Foreigner and maybe a taste of AC/DC and Bon Jovi. They’re best described as a classic rock act with a contemporary sound.

The album’s first four tracks. “All Cause of you”, “Plastic Survivor”, “She Loves me not”, and “Time Will Tell”, somewhat typify the band’s presentation: classy hard rock that’s filled with the requisite hooks and choruses that stick like gum. And the title track is by far the best on offer here. It sounds like a Bon Jovi and Cheap Tirck combo.

“Blow Your Mind” is exquisite too with a choppy riff that resembles the new Foreigner ditty, “Can’t Slow Down”. It’s a shame, though, that the whole of “Zer0” doesn’t stay with this winning formula. “Wide Awake”, “Reflections” and “Today” fall short of the band’s capabilities.

The reflective, softer pieces are a bit flat while the up tempo compositions are right on the money. Their next release should solidify them as potential tier-one contenders

Tony Pijar



Get Ready to Rock!

“…song writing that this Welsh band should be proud of…”

Another fine quality release from Raven Black Music, V0id are about to release second album ‘Zer0’. The album was produced by Tim Hamill, who has previously worked with the likes of Lemmy, Girlschool and the late great Ronnie James Dio – and he has done a good job of switching between the bands softer side and their all out rock sound. Singer and band songwriter Wayne Doyle’s vocals remind me of Buckcherry’s Josh Todd on some of those heavier songs.

Highlights include opening track ‘All Coz of You’, ‘Time Will Tell’, title track ‘Zer0’ and ‘Today’. The album’s big sounding slower numbers ‘Wide Awake’, ‘We’re Going Down’ and ‘Badge of Honour’ show off a level of song writing that this Welsh band should be proud of, whilst the AC/DC sounding ‘Blow Your Mind’ should just be played loud!!

V0id have played a handful of European festival dates and also appeared at Texas’ SXSW event, they will also be touring the UK later in the year in support of ‘Zer0’. ****

RATED 4 OUT OF 5 Stars

Nikk Gunns

Review on Get Ready to Rock!

“Their finest work to date…”

For those of you that had the pleasure of hearing ‘Ballads for Beauties and Beasts’, the first album by V0iD back in 2008, you will overjoyed by the prospect of a second even better album. Since the release of this debut, the South Wales rock band, specifically singer / writer Wayne Doyle has been busy developing the perfect sound for and it has been found!

‘Zer0’ is the name of the new album and is a delightful combination of heavy rolling guitar hooks, riffs to make your head rock and enough sentiment to make it that much more memorable and moving to listen to. The first couple of tracks opens purely on desirable guitars rhythms, but as the tunes continue you begin to notice there is MUCH more to these four fellas than their ability to pin a decent guitar hook. ‘Zer0’ is the first single to be taken from the album and is about a near death experience where Wayne woke up in hospital dazed and confused. Although it is a catchy tune, it is not the most dazzling song to be released for a first single, but still grasps the guitars and melodies well.

Other favourites include, ‘She Loves Me Not’, which will get your arm muscles aching to be moved from side to side; ‘Time Will Tell’, which delves deeper into the emotional side of things, wrapping a listener in a comforting blanket. ‘California’s Burning’ is beautiful in all aspects; the piano and guitars compliment each other incredibly, the vocals are strong while the lyrics so catchy you’ll be singing them for days. ‘Wide Awake’ opens with the beautiful piano melody then as it builds the tension, everything kicks in guitars and strings make for a stunning power ballad. Also, listen out for a touch of inspiration of AC/DC on ‘Blow Your Mind’.

As well as the abundant amount of catchy choruses, precious melodies and epic tunes, another feature the album has, has to be the immensely strong and endearing vocals of lead singer Wayne. They are lined with a subtle slickness that you can’t help but slide into. ‘Zer0’ is the most stunning follow up album and should not to be missed.


Michelle Moore

Review on

“…deserving of appreciation by a wide audience…”

I heard big things about V0iD before I got my ears around their album Zer0, so they had a lot to live up to. A dozen songs, written by Wayne Doyle, later – and the answer is “why aye – boys done real good.”

All Cause of You is rhythmic riffy catchy rock music, melody with attitude, crunchy chordy guitars, booming bass and thumping drums – top-drawer antecedents might be Rainbow, The Babys and G ‘n’ R.

On Plastic Saviour (Obama), the guitars, tempered with keyboards, create a dramatic, intense wall of sound, and She Loves Me Not, radio friendly, is just one example of the album’s choppy, dancey tunes that are done justice by great vocals and mature, well-judged sound, and a cool example of how loud don’t have to be aggressive.

Time Will Tell is a slow-burning, brooding, metal ballad that patiently builds to a stratospheric anthem – I can already see that swaying forest of held-aloft mobile phones. The Beatley piano-led love song Wide Awake breaks into a full on, accessible power ballad, and the album as a whole, deserving of appreciation by a wide audience – is pretty damned great.


Peter Innes

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